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West Howe Regeneration

West Howe park

This is one of 2 neighbourhood regeneration priorities: Boscombe and West Howe. These were identified by the Bournemouth 2026 Shadow Board as hotspots requiring a concerted partnership approach.

This priority will be tackled through an intelligence led approach. A strategic assessment has now been produced to provide the intelligence to support action planning.

In 2012 Bournemouth 2026 Trust established the West Howe Regeneration Partnership Board, which brings together organisations working on the ground in West Howe with people and organisations who have the resources and influence to ensure long term positive change for West Howe. The aim of this Board is to co-ordinate regeneration activities in West Howe, have a focus on long term priorities,share best practice and make sure that regeneration in West Howe is focused on ensuring that people living here have a better quality of life. The community representatives ensure that all regeneration activities are grounded and wanted by local residents.

Now that the Board is established the Council has taken over the running of the meetings, Bournemouth 2026 Trust is a member of the Board who can use its influence to bring in other organisations and resources when needed.

Bournemouth 2026 believes that effective planning is based on sound evidence, and helping to collate evidence about what needs to improve in West Howe has been our initial role, and a strategic assessment has now been produced to provide the intelligence to support action planning. We use evidence as a means of levering in resources and ensuring the commitment of key agencies in the town. Bournemouth 2026 Trust has provided £35,000 for the West Howe Regeneration Partnership to allocate itself and also holds £45,000 of funding to tackle health inequalities.

To support the skills priority we have prepared a bid for funding a volunteer co-ordinator on behalf of West Howe Community Enterprise to provide the funding for a volunteer coordinator to encourage and support volunteering in West Howe. We are aiming to improve aspirations and giving people the confidence to seek employment. The initial bid was unsuccessful but we are planning to look at other sources of funding to bid for.

In our role as a Community Land Trust we are working with Fernheath Sports Association and local residents in developing plans for a Sports Pavilion at Fernheath. The Pavilion will replace the old changing rooms currently used by the Sports Association and many other football teams from across Bournemouth. We hope that the new building will include space for a training/meeting/social room and indoor football training facilities. The new facility will be designed with the community and run by the community.