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Strategic Leadership Forum

The Role of the Strategic Leadership Group

The Strategic Leadership Group brings together key decision and policy makers with an interest in Bournemouth, to ensure that the strategic relationships across the sectors remain strong and that there is effective alignment of strategies, plans and resources.

This is a strategic forum for senior leaders to meet on an ad-hoc basis to:

  • Create the conditions that enable the town to be clean, green, fun, safe, inclusive and prosperous.
  • Share and align plans, strategies and research affecting the town to understand potential impacts on the community and on organisations  (strategic overview)
  • Use its ability to influence or intervene at a strategic level to unblock any barriers to achieving outcomes, when appropriate.
  • Oversee the development and implementation of the Bournemouth Vision - Sustainable Community Strategy (SCS).  Building on and communicating this document within their organisation and to the communities they work with. Consider the pooling or aligning of resources where appropriate.
  • Be a forum relating to the activities and plans of the Bournemouth 2026 Trust
  • Horizon scanning of issues affecting the town.
  • Act as ambassadors for the town.


Senior Leaders from the voluntary sector, local authority, other public sector bodies and business sector.

Senior leaders should be key decision and policy makers within their organisation or sector, with the ability to direct resources to respond to emerging needs and invest in existing priorities.  Representatives from key areas which impact on the life of Bournemouth residents such as transport, education, skills, business, employment, faith etc will be invited to participate provided they occupy a leadership role.


Bournemouth 2026 Trust will provide the secretariat function.


The work of the Strategic Leadership Group will not duplicate other partnership groups

The issues discussed on the agenda must be of sufficient concern to a number of  partners.