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Do I Qualify to Apply for a Gladstone Mews Home?

Can I apply?

You can apply for a new Gladstone Mews home, if you have a local connection and can't afford to buy a similar sized home on the open market.

Applicants interested in House 8 need only have a local connection to Dorset.  

What is a local connection?

 In order to demonstrate the local connection, a person must either:

  1. Have immediately prior to occupation, allocation, possession or acquisition been continuously resident for 11 months in last past year or at least 10 years in the last 20 years in the Wards; or
  2. Be in continuous full time or part time employment in the Wards or have accepted an unconditional offer of employment in the said wards; or

  3. Demonstrate a family connection (defined as mother, father, son or daughter) to the Wards whereby that family member has been continuously resident in the Wards for a period of 10 years; or

  4. Demonstrate other special circumstances which create a link to the Wards (not including residence in hospital or holiday let.) Special circumstances may include circumstances, for example, where the applicant wishes to move in to the area to give or receive support to a family member who does not meet the criteria above. Applicants with special circumstances will be considered by the CLT and by the Lettings Team at the Council and should be by exception

A Local Connection as defined by the Allocations Policy agreed with Bournemouth Borough Council with the following cascade:

  1. Local connection to Boscombe (Boscombe West & Boscombe East wards) 
  2. Local connection to surrounding and or adjoining wards (East Cliff and Springbourne, Littledown and Iford and West Southbourne

  3. Local connection to Bournemouth

  4. Local connection to Dorset

 The cascade can be adopted if a suitable and eligible purchaser has not been found within 3 weeks of the release of the properties for sale. We will move through the cascade in 3 week stages from that point on.



Applicants must:

  1. Be unable to afford to buy a similar property on the open market. Have a household income of less than £60,000 per annum
  2. Be employed on a permanent contract for at least 6 months or self employed and able to provide accounts for the last 3 years trading

  3. Have enough savings to fund a 5% deposit and any other fees associated with buying a property

  4. Not own or have interest in a 2nd property

  5. Have a good credit history


We give top priority to:

Applications for the houses who meet the above criteria will then be considered in order of the following priorities:

  1. First time buyers
  2. Living in an overcrowded property

  3. Council and housing association tenants (you'll have to give up your tenancy when you buy with us)

  4. Housing register applicants


Applications for the accessible bungalow with a Local Connection will then be considered in order of the following priorities:

  1. Wheelchair user currently living in unsuitable accommodation

  2. First time buyers

  3. Living in overcrowded property

  4. Housing association or Council tenants releasing accommodation

  5. Housing Register applicants


Allocation Arrangements

The shared ownership homes will be allocated by Bournemouth 2026 Trust. We will only involve the Council in consideration of ‘special circumstances’ as outlined above.

This information is based on the allocations policy agreed with Bournemouth Borough Council.