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Keith Lancing


Keith joined Bournemouth 2026 Trust as treasurer in July 2013, after three decades working in the arts and theatre industryy. A former general manager of the Regent Centre in Christchurch, Keith has exited the stage of his former career to bring his vast experience to the Trust. The 58 year-old from Wallisdown gave up his long career after being diagnosed with MS. Now working as a business retention adviser, Keith was keen to find an opportunity in which he could give something back to his local community – and in Bournemouth 2026 he has found just that.

He gives up his time to oversee the financial matters of the charity, which unites more than 250 local organisations to address challenging issues in Bournemouth. Keith said: “I’ve always had an interest in promoting work in the community and helping people achieve their aspirations. Since I gave up work in the arts and theatre industry due to ill health I have been looking at ways I can do something that is beneficial to the community. I’m very much looking forward to working with Bournemouth 2026 and doing my bit to help them achieve their goals of enriching and improving the lives of many local people.”