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Blair Crawford

Vice Chair

Blair was Executive Director of Bournemouth YMCA a post he has held since 1990 and retired from in 2014.  Under his leadership the YMCA now operates out of eight sites across the area and employs one hundred and fifty staff who work alongside over two hundred volunteers.

Blair has been married to Jan for twenty-nine years and is the father of four children all now over the age of twenty.

He is committed to drawing the best out of people as he is to partnership working.  The launch of the area’s first community radio station, Hope FM 90.1 has put him in a strategic position of being able to give local people a voice and you can hear his dulcet tones every Tuesday and Wednesday morning on the station.

In May 2011 Blair was elected to Bournemouth Borough Council and was recently promoted to serve on the Cabinet with Portfolio for Adult Social Care.