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Our Priorities

The Bournemouth 2026 Trust has 3 key priorities to focus its attention on over the next few years that fall under regeneration and transformation.

The two neighbourhood regeneration priorities are: Boscombe and West Howe.  These were identified by the former Bournemouth 2026 Shadow Board as hotspots requiring a concerted partnership approach.

The one transformation priority is Services for Young People. This was identified by the former Bournemouth 2026 Shadow Board through a prioritisation exercise.  It was acknowledged that the delivery of this priority will also address some of the causes of anti-social behaviour which has been identified by the Council as a top priority for Bournemouth residents.

The 3 priorities are being tackled through an intelligence led approach. Strategic Assessments are undertaken where needed to provide the intelligence to support action planning.

Workshops were used through 2011 and 2012 to engage members and gather information and ideas.