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Bournemouth Young Volunteer Award Scheme

Over the course of the summer, did you have any young volunteers, aged between 13 to 21, helping at your community events, fundraising, supporting service users etc. or do you have young volunteers assisting at your charity on a regular basis? If so, draw your attention to the Bournemouth Young Volunteer Award Scheme!

The Bournemouth Young Volunteer Award Scheme is a local initiative created by Bournemouth CVS and Bournemouth 2026 Trust and is open to any young person aged 13-21 years old who is currently volunteering and either lives or volunteers in the Bournemouth area (BH1 to BH11 postcode area).

The Bournemouth Young Volunteer Award Scheme, allows young volunteers to earn certificates for their volunteering and they are awarded for:

  • One off events e.g. fundraising events
  • 20 hours
  • 50 hours
  • 100 hours
  • 150 hours of volunteering and for forth in increments of 50 hours

To earn their certificates, all young volunteers need to do is complete a Record of Hours sheet (or Record of One off event).  When they have reached each increment, 20 hours, 50 hours etc.,  they will need to hand their completed sheet back to you for verification. Once you have verified their hours, you need to send Bournemouth CVS a copy of the log sheet (by email if easier) and they will arrange for the volunteer's certificates to be sent to you for distribution.

NB: The Record of Hours sheet can be backdated to 1st April 2015.  

Once a young volunteer has reached 20 hours, the next entry needs to be 21 hours, (or however many hours they have volunteered) then 22 hours etc. so that they are working towards their next certificate.

In addition to the certificates, all young people who are currently volunteering will be invited to an Annual Young Volunteer Celebration Evening, this is to be held in November at the Life Centre in Winton. Bournemouth CVS is also organising free training for young volunteers.  Training likely to be offered later this year will include First Aid (St Johns Ambulance), Face Painting and Peer Mentoring.  Information on this training will be posted when it is available.

Lastly: There is a small bursary scheme to fund training and expenses (e.g. travel costs) for your young volunteers.  See the attached flyer for information.

For all the forms and any additional information, please contact or visit the website at