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Bournemouth 2026 Trust

Bournemouth 2026 Trust is a Community Development  & Community Land Trust, it is a registered charity (charity number 1149697).

Our members are organisations who operate in Bournemouth and individuals who live or work in and around Bournemouth.


Bournemouth Partnership was formed in 2000 by Bournemouth Borough Council following agreement from local businesses and community leaders that a partnership arrangement would help address challenging issues in a joined up way. Legislation soon came in which made the partnership a 'local strategic partnership' and part of its function was to produce a 'Sustainable Community Strategy', which is a vision for the town. The partnership consulted local people and organisations on a 20 year vision for Bournemouth in 2006. The partnership was renamed as Bournemouth 2026 to remind partners that we were all working towards this vision. In 2006 the partnership decided to change its governance to appoint an independent chair as it wanted to be politically independent. 

Until 2012, Bournemouth 2026 was the Local Strategic Partnership for Bournemouth and successfully developed partnerships working across the town, ensuring the delivery of ambitious targets under the Local Area Agreement Framework. The Partnership secured large sums of reward money from the government for delivering on those targets, and oversaw the distribution of the LAA Reward fund.

From 2011 the requirement for LSPs diminished. Following a review by its steering group members, Bournemouth 2026 transformed into a Community Development Trust and Community Land Trust. Since April 2017 the Trust no longer receives funding from the council.

Bournemouth 2026 Trust uses an evidence based approach to identifying the challenges facing Bournemouth. This intelligence is gathered by research and engagement with the community and its members brought together to find solutions to difficult social, economic and environmental problems.


Bournemouth 2026 Trust works with the voluntary community, public and private sectors to make improvements. Part of this work will be encouraging all members to work towards achieving a shared vision.  The other part of this work will be bringing people together to work on projects that advance the aims of the Trust and improve life for the communities of Bournemouth to achieve its long term vision of a thriving town that is fun, safe, healthy and green.

Bournemouth 2026 Trust has 4 Golden Threads running through all its plans and activities:

  • Community Influencing Decisions
  • Tackling Inequalities
  • Earth Charter/Sustainability
  • Prevention