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Big Green Believers' Agreement

The Big Green Believers’ Agreement is an interfaith environmental initiative open to every faith individual, group and community within and beyond Dorset. It aims to encourage and enable all signatories to become more sustainable and to help create a flourishing, just and peaceful world for all to cherish.

When you sign up to the Big Green Believers' Agreement, you are taking a step to lessen your footprint on the environment and be a better neighbour.

Use the Appendix (below) to decide what areas you would like to work on and what level of commitment you want to make. Remember it's better to get small achievements to celebrate and build on them.

IDEA offered to use its website to host the Big Green Believers’ Agreement across Dorset (link below) Sustain Bournemouth will facilitate the online resources and advertise the BGBA and the Bournemouth faith groups’ commitment to it, on this website. We hope later to enable you to use this website interactively, so that people can help and encourage each other.

for information on IDEA (Interfaith Dorset Education and Action) their website is